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We are a growing organisation that allows you to search, select and book tenacious travels and terrific tours all under the same roof. Save your time, efforts and most importantly your money with a reliable platform that sets out to filter your every need and desire. This expanding business specialises in sourcing otherworldly holiday destinations for our customers at outstanding prices.. Our resources allow us to connect and supply you with phenomenal accommodations across the globe, whether it’s near the golden, looming pyramids of Egypt or the thrilling, vibrant streets of New York City.

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Here at House of Travel and Tours, our mission is to make you feel at home no matter where you are in the world! We seek to ensure that your journey with us is flawlessly taken care of, and this doesn’t begin from the moment you board your plane but from the second you join our house.Our team is dedicated and committed to sourcing the most undefeatable deals, prices, accommodations and experiences for you. With House of Travel and Tours, you won’t need to worry or stress about your travels, as we pride ourselves in delivering immaculate customer service that exceeds your standards. .

Our team is dedicated and committed to ensuring you receive an experience worth remembering, not just from the moment you land but from the second you sign up and join our house.

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